Tender Loving Care for the Dying

TLC is all about creating a compassionate community. My wish as a Soul Midwife and TLC trainer is to bring death and care for the dying back into life and living. I am an experienced Soul Midwife and have also worked for many years as a teacher and lecturer.

Are you supporting a family member at home?

TLC Training with Krista Hughes

What is TLC?

TLC is a simplified version of Soul Midwifery, developed by award-winning Felicity Warner and the Soul Midwives School. It is based on practical skills, and sits perfectly in mainstream care settings, with no conflict with the medical profession.

TLC workshops support anyone working either professionally or personally with the dying, giving simple, practical ideas and skills that can really help with the quality of their end of life care.

Who is a TLC Training for?

TLC is for all, but especially if you are:
TLC Training with Krista Hughes

Why TLC?

Because it does just what it says on the tin!!!!!

TLC Training provides high-quality experiences in a professional and compassionate manner that promotes Tender Loving Care for the Dying. The TLC Compassionate Community Project has received praise from the National Council for Palliative Care for the “quality of the care it gave to the dying”. (NCPC 2017), and is looked on favourably by the Care Quality Commission.

TLC is being used in many care homes, and increasingly in hospitals and other health care settings, as well as in the dying person’s own home.

In 2019 TLC was implemented by the Dorset NHS Trust, so that it is offered to all patients at end-of-life in their Community Hospitals.

I have led TLC workshops in hospices and care settings, for clinical practitioners and groups of complementary therapists, as well as for families wanting to support their loved ones at home.

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What will I learn?

Where does TLC Training take place?

I offer TLC workshops live via Zoom or in-person in professional and clinical settings, community centres, hospitals, hospices, and care homes, as well as in my therapy space on the river near Chertsey in Surrey. Workshops take place over one day, with opportunities for follow-up discussions via email, phone or Zoom.

If you are interested in me bringing a TLC workshop to your organisation, please contact me.

The exchange for a TLC workshop for a group or organisation by Zoom is £500, or £600 if I come to your setting. If you are interested in coming as an individual to a TLC workshop in my therapy space, please contact me. for dates. The exchange for an individual is £85.

What next?

If this work ‘sings to your soul’, a TLC workshop day could also take you on the first step to becoming a Soul Midwife. After the workshop, when you have received your TLC certificate, you would be eligible to do Level 1 Soul Midwife training. Contact me or visit The Soul Midwives School for more information.

Please note: The TLC workshop does not give you a Soul Midwife Qualification, or cover spiritual skills which are part of the much deeper Soul Midwife Training.

Please also note: TLC workshop training and contents are copyright of the Soul Midwives School and the training does not qualify you to then teach this TLC workshop to others after completion. It is for professional CPD or personal use only.