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From Heart to Soul

I’m so proud, humbled and privileged to be a Soul Midwife! All through my life, even as a girl, I’ve had people drawn to me during their dying times, and I’ve always felt a strong connection with those at end of life. It’s almost as though it was in my DNA.

My training with Felicity Warner as a Soul Midwife has supported me so beautifully in unlocking those intuitive skills, and I have felt my innate understanding of death and dying develop as I in turn have supported many people from very diverse backgrounds, faiths, ages and cultures through their dying time.

I am passionate about supporting everyone in unlocking their own ‘inner teacher’. I believe the ancient skills and knowledge are innate; we have just sometimes lost sight of them. A strong part of my ‘Soul’s Work’ is to help us all rediscover those skills, so that families and communities are able to support everyone through their dying journey. Soul Midwives bring death and dying right back into the community, so that they are part of life.

I am also a Reiki MasterTeacher, and a yoga teacher, and I use my understanding of energies, breathwork and the importance of a deep emotional and spiritual connection in supporting ‘body and soul’ in the dying journey and transition after death.

I am the Regional Mentor for Soul Midwives in Greater London and Surrey, and I support newly qualified and experienced Soul Midwives in these regions. If you are looking for a Soul Midwife then please contact me or contact the School directly.

I also teach on the Soul Midwives Introductory Days, which is the first step of the training, in Surrey and Oxfordshire. If you are drawn to this work, then visit for more information and for dates or feel free to contact me for a chat.

I am also a TLC trainer. TLC  workshops offer ‘Tender Loving Care’, a simplified form of Soul Midwifery, focusing on practical ways to support those facing End Of Life.

Learning Opportunities Coming Soon

TLC (Tender Loving Care) Day

Friday 8th March

TLC workshops support anyone working either professionally or personally with the dying, giving simple, practical ideas and skills that can really help with the quality of their end of life care.

Hedgerow Herbalism Spring Awakenings

Saturday 27th April

I'm absolutely thrilled to confirm the date for the Spring Awakenings Hedgerow Herbalism workshop is Saturday 27th April!!!! This wil be such a lovely day, in our beautiful space on the river just outside Chertsey in Surrey. We will be exploring how to use herbs and plants to support the body as we stir from the Winter months into the regenerating time of Spring. There will be laughter, learning, gentle movement, deep connection to the Earth, lots of delicious vegetarian food and of course blending oils, making balms and salves, and using tinctures. And then you go home with a happy heart and a bag full of goodies!!!! Email me or message me for more details. The exchange for the day is £120, and includes lunch and refreshments and all materials for the day xxxx


Saturday 6th April

I'm happy to announce a 'Reiki Boost' workshop!!! This is a lovely one day workshop, exploring how to use Energy Tools to enhance your Reiki. Connecting with the elements and using natural and everyday items can help us in turn tune in deeply to others on an energetic level. Come and explore working intuitively with a range of tools, including crystals, oils, rocks, flower essences, chimes, wood and pendulums. Discover how opening our senses to all that is around us can support us in linking deeply with our clients, and practice using Energy Tools which are easily accessible to all. This workshop is for anyone attuned to Reiki. Saturday 6th April, 11-5, in our lovely healing space on the river just outside Chertsey, Surrey. The exchange is £90 and includes lunch and light refreshments.

Hedgerow Herbalism Workshop

Good news! I have a Hedgerow Herbalism workshop coming up on Saturday 7th October. Do join me.
If you would like to learn about Hedgerow Herbalism, and how to use the gentle power of everyday herbs to promote well-being, as well as how to stock your own ‘Kitchen Medicine Cabinet’, then join me in my healing space on the river. This is a one-day workshop, with lots of laughs, and love, and learning, and you will come away with joy in your heart and increased knowledge and understanding of how to make and use traditional herbal remedies.
The exchange for the day is £120; this includes vegetarian lunch, cakes and herbal teas, and the remedies and concoctions you make during the day. To enquire just drop me an email below. I look forward to working with you.
Krista Hughes - Hedgerow Herbailism
Krista Hughes - Hedgerow Herbailism
restorative yoga
Our Shepherds Hut

Reiki 1 training

Good news! I have a Reiki One training workshop coming up on July 13th and 14th. Do join me.

As you can see this takes place over two days, and you will receive the Reiki 1 attunements, so that you will be able to offer Reiki to family, friends and animals. We also explore how to use crystals, oils, sound and our own intuition to promote self-care, healing and well-being. We truly share a beautiful time.

The exchange for the two days is £200, and includes a light vegetarian lunch and refreshments, including herbal teas. To enquire just drop me an email below. I look forward to working with you.

Autumn is a lovely time to make a warming Herdgerow Cordial. Why not have a go?

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Why not try this gentle relaxation meditation, to support balancing and grounding.

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Holistic Relaxation in the garden
Krista Hughes - Hedgerow Herbailism
Exploring the herb garden

Krista shares her story with The Mirror newspaper

Opening up about her role as a Soul Midwife, Krista talks about caring for those at the end-of-their life and helping them through the ‘dying stages’ to have a ‘good death’. Coming up with a birth plan is very common – but it’s a lot rarer to sort one for your death.

Krista Mirror