My Chilled Yoga Journey

I have been practising yoga for 35 years, and my yoga practice has been an integral part of my life, helping me support my body and soul through the many triumphs and challenges met along the way.
I trained with YogaLondon and have been teaching for the last 6 years. My classes are all chilled, gentle and flowing, and I incorporate breathing, meditation and deep relaxation into the practice. I know that yoga is the most amazing tool to ‘still the body, still the mind’, and that within that process there’s a kind of gentle magick, that can also ‘still the spirit’.
Chilled Yoga
guided meditation
I also love that yoga is for all of us. It’s not just for the super-bendy or trendy, and for sure I am neither of those! My teaching is accessible and inclusive, and I support each person as an individual, with Love and respect.

I teach groups, couples and individuals. Classes are held in our beautiful little yoga shala, or on the jetty on the River Thames, near Chertsey, Surrey. It’s a fabulously peaceful setting, ideal for promoting well-being and relaxation.

I keep groups small, with a maximum of 8 people, so that there is plenty of time for me to really support each person. I also offer private sessions if people want me to travel to their own home.

There are also regular half and full-day workshops, when the wonderful world of yoga can be explored in more depth.

Chilled Yoga

Chilled Yoga

Classes are based on Vinyasa flow, with a focus on gentle sequences of poses to increase flexibility and suppleness, ending with savasana/relaxation. All are welcome! If you are wanting to begin incorporating yoga into your life, or you are looking to develop your practice further, and to connect mind, body and spirit, this will sing to you. Saturday am. 9.15-10.30 Monday pm 6.30-7.45 Or contact me to arrange a private lesson

If you want to explore further why not visit my dedicated Chilled Yoga site or check out my Facebook page.

Restorative Yoga

This is the amazing practice of ‘active relaxation’! We spend a lot of time in our modern busy and stressed lives in a state of hyper-vigilism, and can find it so hard to allow the body and mind to settle.

Restorative Yoga gives us the time and gentle space to re-connect and find balance, in a slow sequence of deeply nourishing and nurturing supported poses. There is no stretching or ‘pushing’ the body. Instead, the body is gently put in comfortable positions, with soft and supporting props like cushions, bolsters and blankets, and the attention is gently directed towards the breath. I know it’s right when I hear the ‘Aaaaaah’ as someone sinks into the pose! In this way, the body is able to ‘let go’ of physical tension, and release into the props. It is deeply relaxing, and truly restorative.

If you are wanting to explore how to nourish and nurture your body, mind and spirit, and to learn simple, accessible ways to incorporate this profound experience into your everyday life, then contact me for details about classes and workshops.

“With Love, Light and Respect to my yoga teacher, Holly Warren. She truly teaches from the heart.”


Holistic Relaxation in the garden