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Clandon Natural Burial Site - Coffin Club

Clandon Natural Burial Site

Krista will be speaking at the wonderful Clandon Natural Burial Ground on Monday 3rd July, as part of the Brigitte Trusts Coffin Club.

Krista will be talking about her work as a Soul Midwife and her long involvement in End of Life care

Krista shares her story with The Mirror newspaper

Krista has opened up about her role as a Soul Midwife, caring for those at the end-of-their life and helping them through the ‘dying stages’ to have a ‘good death’

Coming up with a birth plan is very common – but it’s a lot rarer to sort one for your death.

Krista Mirror

Poppy's Funerals talk with Krista Hughes

Poppy’s are a funeral directors in London on a mission to give people the funeral they want, need and can feel proud of.

They wanted to know more about Soul Midwifery and so I met with Poppy’s to talk it through. You can read the interview here.

Poppy's Funerals

Soul Midwife appointed at The Mulberry Centre

This is a fantastic Centre whose mission is to improve the lives of anyone affected by cancer, including those with a diagnosis, carers, family members and bereaved relatives, by enhancing emotional, psychological and physical well-being.

To this end I have the great honour of being appointed as their Soul Midwife in residence. Going forward I will be working, through the Mulberry Centre, with those who have an end-of-life diagnosis.

It is wonderful to see, and to experience, Soul Midwifery taking its full place in support of those at end of life.


Feel free to take a look at their website to see the extent of the services they can offer.

Clandon Natural Burial Site - Coffin Club

Core to the thinking behind Clandon Wood is the creation of a place of beauty and openness where those left behind will want to come and spend time to reflect and remember for generations to come.

I was invited to talk about Soul Midwifery for the Coffin Club Surrey which was held at this wonderful venue and I enjoyed talking to this well attended event.

‘We welcomed Krista at our Coffin Club Surrey course recently and all those attending were captivated by her talk. We had booked her to outline what a Soul Midwife can bring to those at the end of life but she was so much more than that and I know we will use her and her wisdom for many more of our sessions in the future. Thank you Krista for reminding us why we do what we do.’
Clandon Natural Burial Site

Take a look at this remarkable Natural Burial ground.

Learning Opportunities Coming Soon

If you would like to learn about Hedgerow Herbalism, and how to use the gentle power of everyday herbs to promote well-being, as well as how to stock your own ‘Kitchen Medicine Cabinet’, then join me in my healing space on the river. This is a one-day workshop, with lots of laughs, and love, and learning, and you will come away with joy in your heart and increased knowledge and understanding of how to make and use traditional herbal remedies.

My Reiki course takes place over two days, and you will receive the Reiki 1 attunements, so that you will be able to offer Reiki to family, friends and animals. We also explore how to use crystals, oils, sound and our own intuition to promote self-care, healing and well-being. We truly share a beautiful time.

To enquire or to book your place just drop me an email below. I look forward to working with you.

Krista Hughes - Hedgerow Herbailism
Krista Hughes - Hedgerow Herbailism
Our Shepherds Hut

Now more than ever is a time for us to engage in Compassionate Communities.

To anyone feeling in need of support or a friendly ear, please do not hesitate to contact me, and we can arrange a phone call, with no charge.

I am also able to offer Distance Reiki, and to give guided meditations and visualisations.

With Love and Light, from my Heart to Yours, Krista ❣️❣️❣️
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Soul Midwife Introductory Day - Saturday 11th April

Join me for this wonderful Introductory Day to be held in Fetcham, Surrey.

Krista Hughes
This is a very popular one-day introductory workshop which covers the role and scope of Soul Midwifery. It is an exciting and inspiring day, exploring the dying process, Soul Midwifery concepts, and techniques to assist the dying. This course is a great “taster” session and a good way of finding out if Soul Midwifery is for you. Warm, friendly and nurturing A safe and supportive place to listen and share experiences A gentle introduction to the scope and work of Soul Midwifery

The exchange for this workshop is £125 and you can reserve your place here.

Restorative Yoga Workshop - Saturday 25th April

Join me for this wonderful workshop held in our lovely riverside location in Chertsey from 11am to 4pm

Restorative Yoga is deeply relaxing, nourishing and nurturing. In this beautifully chilled half-day workshop, I shall support you in finding stillness, peace and calm, restoring your body to a state of balance. You need no prior experience to benefit form the sense of release from tension that this workshop offers. We shall be exploring the benefits of Restorative Yoga, with a gentle nourishing practice, using essential oils, and with a delicious light lunch and refreshments, followed by Yoga Nidra, in our lovely peaceful space by the river.

Chilled Yoga

All you need bring is an open heart, a cushion and a blanket.

The exchange for this workshop is £50 and you can reserve your place here.

'Soulful Get-Together'

Calling the Soul Midwives! Whether you are newly qualified or experienced join me for a get-together held on the riverside here in Chertsey on Saturday 28th March from 12am to 3pm

I’ll be providing a vegetarian lunch, lots of cake, tea and coffee, and opportunities to share news, stories and experiences. All are welcome, just bring your lovely open hearts.

The exchange is a voluntary contribution of £3 to £5, to cover costs. For confirmation and directions please contact me by clicking below.

Love and Light.  Krista

Holistic Relaxation in the garden