The Hedgerow Herbalist

My journey as a Hedgerow Herbalist reflects my deep affinity with the natural world and the elements.

I’ve always had an interest in herbal remedies, and how we can use them to promote our overall well-being. I believe that we have an innate ‘heart’s understanding’ of how Nature works to help our bodies find balance.

The key here is to help ourselves unlock this.

My passion for and understanding of this has grown, and I am currently part way through my foundation year with the Heartwood Herbalism Foundation, with the aim of becoming a Medical Herbalist.

Being in Nature

I absolutely love being in Nature. Walking in the woods, wading in the sea, stomping over the hills, tootling in my garden, or just sitting quietly listening to the birds and the wind – these things are all really important for my overall health and emotional well-being. I also have a small but very productive herb and vegetable garden, and grow as much of our own food as possible. Our Rescue Hens, known as ‘The Ladies’ provide us with eggs, and we have a beehive too. This is all part of living a life as connected to the Earth as possible, and reflects my overall practice and philosophy. I am always happy to share this with friends and clients. If you are interested in learning more or would like details of half and full-day workshops in ‘Finding Balance in Life’ please contact me.
Finding Balance