Covid 19 - Response

Phone Line

Soul Midwives are offering free phone support during the Covid-19 crisis. Please use the Contact Form on the Soul Midwives Portal site and include ‘SOS’ in the message. A qualified Soul Midwife volunteer will return your call as soon as possible and will be able to arrange a 30 minute support call.

Training and Support

In this current crisis, more and more families will be in the position of needing to care for loved ones dying at home, rather than in hospital.

Many feel uncertain and anxious about how to do this, and doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals just do not have the time or resources to support them, particularly in the deeply emotional things that arise.

TLC is a practical, simplified version of the Soul Midwives Training. It’s used by Dorset NHS Trust for all at end of life in their Community Hospitals, and it does just what it says on the tin, providing quality training in how to give Tender Loving Care at end of life. The workshops give simple, practical ideas and skills that can really help with the quality of care.

If this is happening in your family, then the Soul Midwives’ award winning TLC (‘Tender Loving Care’) Training might be of benefit.

In normal circumstances TLC is delivered person-to-person, but in the current crisis we are offering ‘virtual’ workshops, via Zoom or Skype. 

These allow secure interactive meetings where it’s easy to learn and exchange ideas and share in a warm and supportive environment. 

The course is split in to three 2 hour segments which can be scheduled on a single day or over a number of days.

What you will learn

You then have ongoing phone, Zoom or Skype support from myself as the TLC trainer. This is really important in helping families to feel cared for and supported by a known person.

The exchange for this training is £50. If this is not affordable in this current crisis, please just contact me in complete confidence and we can discuss options.

Please do contact me to chat about this if you feel it might be of benefit to you or your family, either use the contact form or call me on 07891382332

The TLC course was developed by Felicity Warner, the founder of the Soul Midwife Movement.  In 2017, Felicity was named End of Life Care Champion by the National Council for Palliative Care at the House of Lords, and was named End of Life Doula of the Year in 2017 by the Good Funeral awards as well as being one of the Daily Mail’s Most Inspirational Women of the Year.  I work very closely with Felicity.

I am one of the Soul Midwives tutors, leading the Introductory Days, and I am the Regional Mentor for Surrey and Greater London, and a TLC trainer. I have also worked as a teacher and Lecturer in Education for many years. I am passionate about supporting the dying and their families, bringing care of the dying back into the community.

With Love and Light