Guided Meditation

Join me each Tuesday at 11am or Thursday at 12pm.  Use the booking form below to reserve your place.

Life can be very busy, and we can find ourselves running around, under pressure, feeling stressed and anxious, or simply overwhelmed by all there is to do.

During these demanding times, it’s particularly important that we take some ‘time out’, and allow ourselves to rest, relax and renew. I know that meditation is the most amazing tool to ‘still the body, still the mind’, and that within that process there’s a kind of gentle magic, that can also ‘still the spirit’.

Restorative Yoga

Join me each Monday or Friday at 11am or Thursday at 10am. Use the booking form below to reserve your place.

This is the amazing practice of ‘active relaxation’! We spend a lot of time in our modern busy and stressed lives in a state of hyper-vigilism, and can find it so hard to allow the body and mind to settle.

Restorative Yoga gives us the time and gentle space to re-connect and find balance, in a slow sequence of deeply nourishing and nurturing supported poses.

Please have a blanket and a couple of cushions available before we begin.

Please do join me for these gentle Guided Meditation or Restorative Yoga sessions. You don’t have to sign up for a course; you can just dip in and out. All you need to do is let me know which sessions you would like to attend, via the booking form below.

Use this form to register your interest and I”ll send you your personal invitation to join. These sessions use Zoom, a wonderful technology that allows us to be together and yet to stay home and stay safe. You’ll just need a smart phone, tablet or computer. And it is so easy to set up. Click on the link I’ll send you and follow the simple instructions. The suggested exchange for these sessions is £5-£10 at your discretion. I’ll send details of how to make this exchange with the Zoom invitation. I look forward to seeing you.

The exchange is up to you. I suggest between £5 and £10 per session. Whatever you are comfortable with. Pay for 1 session at a time or go for a block of 6 to use when ever you feel the need. You don’t need a PayPal account to use their secure payment system.